About Dr. Le Dao. MD

Dr. Le Dao, MD

Dr. Le Dao, MD

Dr.  Le Dao completed her undergraduate and medical education in Saigon, Vietnam in 1977, where she earned her medical degree in general practice.  In 1986, she completed her re-licensing and residency at UCI Medical Center in Irvine, California, where she received specialized training in Pediatrics.

Dr.  Dao’s medical experience includes over 25 years of pediatric practice with Children Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) California, Kaiser Permanente, and Public Health/Indian Health Services in Oklahoma. During her tenure at Oklahoma Public Health/IHS, she was actively participated in researches in Childhood Obesity and Southeast Asian Genetic Diseases, which resulted in identifying specific needs in treating these groups of children.

Dr. Dao opened her private practice in 2007, and has had the pleasure of providing quality healthcare to thousands of children from new-born to 21 years old.

Besides caring for her patients, Dr.  Dao enjoy spending time with her family, singing in a church choir, photography, and gardening.