If your child has a Fever

June 13, 2008 − by si2kidscare − in Children Common Illnesses, Fever − Comments Off

You don’t need to worry too much is your child develops a temperature without other symptoms. But, seek medical help if your baby is under six months and has diarrhea and iting or if your baby’s temperature is over 102°F.

If your child has a fever but is otherwise well and playful there is no need to worry, keep an eye on him/her to see if any other symptoms develop. However, if you have a baby under six months with a fever who has other symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting or refusing feeds it is important to see your Pediatrician as babies can easily become dehydrated and may need special liquids.
It’s also important to see your Pediatrician if your baby has a temperature above 102°F as such a high temperature can lead to what are known as ‘febrile convulsions’. It’s best to treat a fever with paracetemol liquid first (check the dosage with the Pediatrician if your baby is under three months), then remove clothes and if necessary sponge with tepid (not cool) water. With an older child medical attention should be sought if the fever remains high and does not respond to paracetamol.

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